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Dr.Web vxCube (Cloud version)

Intelligent and interactive analyser of suspicious objects (sandbox)

Dr.Web vxCube


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Dr.Web vxCube is a web service that analyses potentially malicious files, generates a detailed report on how they behave in specified conditions, and creates a utility to neutralise detected threats. Dr.Web vxCube uses hardware virtualisation techniques for the analysis. This allows Dr.Web vxCube to work quickly and remain invisible to the file being analysed.

You can upload any of the supported file types to the analyser, select the conditions under which a file is to be executed on the virtual machine, and affect the progress of the analysis. After the examination, you will receive a complete technical report and a video report about the file’s behaviour under the specified conditions.


The "Cloud" version sends files for analysis to Doctor Web's servers and generates a Dr.Web CureIt! build if a threat is detected. A Dr.Web vxCube license is automatically activated one month after a serial number is created if it has not already been activated.

Electronic licenses in the form of a message containing a serial number are delivered immediately after payment is received to the e-mail address you specified in your order.

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